Thinking of commissioning a sculpture?

I’d love to hear your ideas and if possible, help turn them into something special for your outdoor space.





Generally, we start with some phone calls, photos followed be lots of drawings. Its all very low pressure and there’s no obligation.

We will pay a site visit to depending on the project.

All our commission work is personally installed by us.


Below are some drawings from past projects.

This project was for a water feature with a working title 'The meeting of two worlds'.

To the left are some images of some textures used for the construction.

Above are some conceptual drawings for some large-scale nature based sculptures.

We have quite a few different finishes we can use including Corten Steel, Aged bronze, Aged Copper, Galvanised with T-wash finish and of course we can combine the finishes. But this is just a few so please ask if you are thinking of something specific.